Vorwerk International has developed four international cookbooks available in multiple languages: “Travelling with Thermomix ®”, “Full Steam Ahead”, “The Best of Our Recipe Communities” and the best-selling “My Way of Cooking”.

We’ve also gone even further to offer a wide range of brilliant cookbooks, with many more books available in specific languages and countries.

All of our cookbooks can be viewed below, to order, simply click here or call us directly on 01344 622 344.





Fast and Easy Cooking

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300 recipes, 4th edition, £19.95/€23.95


Food preparation with Thermomix is easy, fun and very fast. This recipe book gives you a wealth of recipes to get your Thermomix cooking off to a good start. It also gives you lots of recipe templates to adapt to your own cooking style and taste. From first courses through to desserts, from jams through to cakes and biscuits, step by step recipes clearly guide you how to use your Thermomix to create perfect dishes quickly and easily.





Fast and Easy Indian Cooking

Fast and Easy Indian Cooking
175 recipes, 1st edition, £19.95/€23.95


Indian recipes, which can take hours using traditional methods, are achievable in minutes and with less effort using this book. Cooking with Thermomix, using these clearly presented, step-by-step recipes, enhances and conserves the natural aroma and flavour of spices. Packed with hints, tips and colour photography, authors Janie Turner and Razia Laljee make Indian cuisine easily accessible to everyone.








I Love Chocolate, I Love Thermomix


I_Love_Chocolate_TM_LR76 recipes, £30.00/€36.00


A heavenly selection of chocolate recipes for every occasion from eight chocolate experts, all made easy with Thermomix instructions, and illustrated with mouth-watering photography. Recipes include truffles, cakes, confectionery, drinks and all kinds of chocolate treats. Whether you are making the Spicy Hot Chocolate or creating a Royale Gateau of sponge layered with chocolate mousse, each of these recipes is made faster and easier with Thermomix. Alain Roux, Chef Patron of The Waterside Inn, comments: “You will love the chocolate recipes in this book … I know many of the featured chocolatiers and this is a great opportunity to indulge yourself in their easy-to-make creations.”








Demonstrator Delights

Demonstrator Delights book cover

87 recipes, 2nd edition £12.95/€15.50


This is a collection of Thermomix recipe favourites developed over the years by Thermomix Demonstrators in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The book also includes some recipe contributions from award-winning chefs. Enjoy these tried and tested dishes in your own home!










Full Steam Ahead


74 recipes, £19.95/€23.95


This collection of inspiring recipes adapted for steam cooking with Thermomix includes first courses, main courses, side dishes and desserts from around the world. Gentle steaming using your Thermomix assists with preserving the colour and flavour of ingredients while retaining vital vitamins and minerals to create healthy meals. This book helps you get the most out of steaming in the internal basket in the Thermomix bowl and above in the Varoma unit.







The Best of Our Recipe Communities


100 recipes, £22.95/€27.50


This book showcases recipes from 10 Thermomix Recipe Communities around the world. Each community hosted a competition seeking the best of the best recipes from our users. The top selection from each country was chosen. With each recipe tried and tested by both home users and a panel of experts, each authentic to their country of origin, this is a classic book to add to your Thermomix recipe portfolio.







Travelling with Thermomix


88 recipes, £22.95/€27.50


Take a culinary trip around the world without stepping out of your front door. Each section of the cookbook is based on a different region of the world and features recipes from 23 countries. Experiment with new flavours through recipes such as paella, croissant with wild rose jam, Czech doughnuts, cod fritters and Assam calamari.  











My Way of Cooking

Unbekannt144 recipes, £24.95/€29.95


This hardback book showcases Thermomix recipes from around the world with step-by-step cooking advice. Starters, main courses, sauces, desserts, baked goods and drinks all feature.









In the mix 1: Great Thermomix Recipes 

In The Mix93 recipes, £40.00/€48.00


A beautiful coffee table cookbook of gourmet recipes from around the world to make at home using your Thermomix. Independent Australian author and journalist Dani Valent has assembled this inspiring collection, which grew out of a passion for cooking with her Thermomix and wanting to share her creations with others. Contributors range from top chefs, high profile Thermomix users to food bloggers who develop recipes for Thermomix. UK contributors include Michelin starred chefs Sat Bains and Claude Bosi. With beautiful photography, Dani makes these recipes accessible for you to try in your home kitchen to create the ultimate feast for the senses.






In the mix 2: More Great Thermomix Recipes 

In the Mix 2 cover imageMore than 100 recipes, £40.00/€48.00


In the Mix 2 is packed with beautifully photographed Thermomix recipes from top chefs from around the world including UK chefs Madalene Bonvini-Hamel ofThe British Larder, and James Petrie of Fat Duck fame, along with renowned chocolatier William Curley. The hardback book cover features Blue Cheese Bavarois with Pickled Radish Jelly by Gary Foulkes, head chef at two Michelin star The Square in London. A big fan of the Thermomix, Gary says, “Great cooking is all about consistency and the Thermomix offers precision and consistency every time.” This irresistible addition to your cookbook collection has 105 new Thermomix recipes from 74 contributors in 20 countries. Author Dani Valent comments, “My new book is just as enticing, delicious and fun as the first one, and I’ve made it even more accessible by including menu plans and ‘getting started’ suggestions.”








Healthy Eating with Cyndi O’Meara 

47 recipes, £12.95/€15.50Healthy Eating with Cyndi O'Meara Cover

Nutritionist Cyndi O’Meara’s aim is to change lives for the better. She disagrees with low fat, low calorie diets, and advocates eating foods made with the best quality, natural and unprocessed ingredients. This book, bringing together Cyndi’s most popular Thermomix recipes, shows you how to create delicious food that is also good for you.








Everyday Cooking

Everyday Cookbook Front Cover214 recipes, £30/€36


A starter collection of recipes from Thermomix in Australia, this step-by-step recipe book also includes a useful introductory section with general tips and guidance on using, and looking after, your Thermomix.








A Taste of Vegetarian

A Taste of Vegetarian142 recipes, £17.95/€21.50

A tempting collection of step-by-step flavourful and delicious vegetarian recipes to make with your Thermomix.









A Taste of Asia: Authentic Chinese Cooking


A Taste of Asia cover115 recipes, £17.95/€21.50


A treasure trove of Asian recipes that you will cook again and again. Packed with sensational dishes including Banana Leaf Steamed Fish Parcels, Fried Bee Hoon, Babi Pong Tay and Pandan Chiffon Cake. If you enjoy Asian cuisine this book is a must-have addition to your collection of Thermomix recipe books.








Gluten-Free, Wheat-Free Cooking

Gluten Free Cookbook Cover84 recipes, £15.95/€19.50

This valuable collection of Thermomix recipes has been developed to make gluten-free, wheat-free cooking stress-free and delicious. This book proves that gluten-free does not equate with boring food without taste. You can easily make your own gluten-free, wheat-free flour by grinding grains, pulses, nuts and seeds in your Thermomix for these recipes. Dips, starters, side dishes; soups and main courses; breads, biscuits; desserts and cakes all feature in this indispensable book.









Meat on the menu

Meat on the MenuRGB123 recipes, £17.95/€21.50


Meat on the Menu has a great selection of meat and poultry main courses as well as pâtés, salads, side dishes and sauces. A star recipe is the amazing chunky beef chilli.










Rawlicious37 recipes, £7.95/€9.50

A selection of raw food recipes for every day. Thermomix makes it possible to prepare quick, easy and delicious-tasting raw food for breakfast, lunch and supper. From smoothies to salads, sauces to soups, and main courses to desserts, this booklet encompasses everything to create your ideal raw food meal planner. Featuring recipes such as Watermelon Tomato Gazpacho and Fruity Raw Cheesecake, this is an eclectic collection of recipes to impress.









A Seafood Bounty


A Seafood Bounty91 recipes, £16.95/€20.50

Packed with favourite recipes from Thermomix demonstrators and customers including starters, sauces, dips, pasta, risotto and many Varoma steamed dishes too. A note is included to help you choose alternative fish varieties if some are not available in your area. One of our favourites from this book is Prawn and Chicken Laksa, a spicy noodle soup.