Your smart kitchen assistant

Thermomix® gives you endless possibilities you had never imagined.

Introducing TM6

Besides chopping, frying, kneading or steaming new Thermomix® TM6 can even fries 160° or slow cook – in total it unites more than 20 appliances in one. It does sous vide (vacuum cooking) and it ferments. No matter what you like to eat or how you like to cook – Thermomix® will not only make home cooking easier, but also give you unlimited cooking inspiration and how-to-instructions for the food you like.


The all new Thermomix® Experience

The Thermomix ® TM6 is a semi-automated cooking assistant that does the work of 12 appliances, freeing you up to do the fun stuff.

  • NEW: High Temperature
  • NEW: Sous-vide
  • NEW: Fermentation
  • NEW: Slow Cooking
  • Cooking
  • Mixing
  • Blending
  • Whisking
  • Stirring
  • Weighing
  • Steaming
  • Chopping
  • Grinding
  • Heating
  • Emulsifying
  • Kneading

Try it, to really believe it


What’s new in Thermomix® TM6?

Amazing new technology

The TM6 primarily differs from its predecessor, the TM5, externally by the larger screen. The new processor with 16 GB flash memory offers almost unlimited opportunities for new functions and function upgrades via regular software updates. The optimised heating offers precise warming up in 1-degree steps from 37 degrees to 160 degrees. The weighing function has been dramatically improved. The scales now even provide a 1g accuracy in the entire weighing range, up to 3,000g per weighed measure.

All new larger screen

The larger screen 6.8 inch display on TM6 is not only bigger, but also brighter. This brand new immersive touchscreen makes the user interface more intuitive to use and navigating is more statisfying than ever. With the added benefit of having direct access to Cookidoo®, recipies look even better and makes your cooking experience more fun than ever before.

Self-cleaning mode

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Cookidoo® integration

With the TM6 you now have direct access to Cookidoo ®. You can freely browse recipes, be inspired, make plans or immediately start cooking at any time via the Thermomix display. A second device is no longer necessary to get to Cookidoo®. Over 40,000 delicious recipes are permanently available through a Cookidoo® subscription, directly on the Thermomix® and are just waiting to be discovered.

The most versatile Thermomix® yet

Introducing 4 new cooking modes to make your life even easier and tastier


Make roasting aromas, browning meat, and sensational caramel flavours a part of your cuisine.


Become an expert at braising meats and fish with the new Sous-vide function.


Or take the healthy route with probiotic yoghurt or kimchi with the Fermenting function.

Slow Cooking

Prepare heavenly pulled pork with the Slow-cooking function.

What’s in the package?

Your Thermomix® comes fully equipped with everything you need to carry out the functions of more than twelve kitchen appliances.

It comes with our brand new welcome book , mixing bowl, Varoma, simmering basket with lid, splash guard, butterfly whisk, new and improved spatula and measuring cup.

  • Appliance

  • Sim. Basket

  • Mixing Knife

  • Measuring cup

  • Spatula

  • Book

  • Bowl

  • Lid

  • Varoma

  • Wisk

  • Splash-guard