Transform the way
you cook at home

Thermomix® TM6:
Because cooking is all about enjoyment


Use the Thermomix® for browning meat, roasting vegetables or making sensational caramel creations.

Sous Vide

Become an expert at braising meat and fish using the new sous vide function.


Make homemade yoghurt with the new fermenting function and discover completely new taste sensations.

Slow Cooking

Use the slow cooking function to create succulent pulled pork dishes for your next barbecue.

Egg boiler

Cook your eggs exactly the way you like them without the need to set the temperature or cooking time

Rice cooker

Cook parboiled long grain rice, white basmati rice or other grains. Always use with simmering basket instead of measuring cup on mixing bowl lid.


Thermomix® takes care of the chopping, mixing and cooking so that you have more time for family and friends.


Smart at heart – packed with innovative technology, the new Thermomix® makes it easier than ever to prepare delicious dishes.


Discover new ideas and mouth-watering recipes every day in the world’s largest cookbook.


Thermomix® guides you through each recipe step by step, guaranteeing great results every time you cook.


Unleash your creativity in the kitchen – with over 20 different functions including browning, slow cooking and fermenting.

The joy of cooking

Discover a world of recipes through the Thermomix community of cooks and chefs. Plan and prepare your meals with the help of our cookbooks and online recipe cards.

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